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Requirements for behind-the-wheel

driver instruction and DMV licensing:

Students under the age of 18:
    -  Learner's Permit

    -  Photocopy of learner's permit

    -  DEC-1 card to show completion of 36-hour classroom course

         and 90-minute Safe Teen driving class with parents ---or---

    -  Certificates of completion from online 36-hour course

        and online Safe Teen driving course (see links below)

    -  Driving log for 45-hours of driving with parent

       (30 hours of daytime plus 15 hours of nighttime);
         these hours need to be completed by the time

        the temporary license is written;
         this requirement is waived for students

       who have reached their 18th birthday

    -  Payment in cash or check payable

       to Ashburn Driving School, LLC

    -  Student plus one of his/her parents must

       be present at in-home meetings

             - Online classroom course is available


             - Online 90-minute parent/teen course is available


  Students over the age of 18

   and all students taking private lessons:

    -  Learner's Permit
    -  Payment in cash or check payable

        to Ashburn Driving School LLC

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