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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your behind-the-wheel course?

When you register for our behind-the-wheel course, Ashburn Driving School provides the following:

- A phone consultation with preliminary scheduling.  We will take the time to personally answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need as you navigate the Virginia driver's education process

- A brief personal meeting at your home with the student and at least one of his/her parents for introductory purposes and to get a clear idea of the student's availability for lessons so that a full program can be scheduled

- A DMV-required contract signed by the instructor, the student, and one of his/her parents, outlining all facets of the DMV regulations

- Pairing of two students who learn together for the entire course, one of our exclusive hallmarks.  We believe that students can concentrate better this way and avoid the natural distraction of wondering whom their next driving partner will be

- Lessons that are tailored to the student's own schedule of school, work, extracurricular, and family activities

- Meet-up and drop-off at student's home, school, work, or any of several local Ashburn sites

- Seven one-hour behind-the-wheel lessons covering all DMV-required facets of driver education

- Seven one-hour observation lessons to fulfill the DMV requirement and necessary for reinforcing all that the student is learning

-Our hallmark emergency off-road recovery and maneuvers lesson, without which we believe no driving program would be complete, as well as reference-point parallel parking and more

-One lesson devoted to review and preparation for the road test

- A fifty-point DMV-regulated road test, administered during the final lesson

- Issuance of the DMV temporary 180-day license upon successful completion of the road test

- Full completion of all required paperwork with timely submission to DMV, as well as the DMV-required three-year archives filing

- A personal review meeting in your home with the student and at least one of his/her parents to offer closing information and issue the temporary license

- Ongoing phone availability for questions, information, and follow-up whenever necessary

What sets you apart from other driver's ed schools?

           At Ashburn Driving School, we make it our utmost priority to equip our students with a full understanding of the skills necessary to become competent and conscientious drivers right from the start, and it is this commitment which sets us apart from others in our field.  We do this because we can think of few more important investments that can be made in the lives of our young adults than to ensure that they receive professional driver instruction that is regulated, standardized, formal, and thorough.


          In other words, we understand that there are some facets of education where it is expedient to use shortcuts and eliminate details in order to save time, effort, or resources.  However, we believe that driver education is an area where the utmost care should be taken to ensure that every aspect is taught carefully and conscientiously.   Knowing that most young adults will be behind the wheel of a vehicle virtually every day for the rest of  their active lives, we believe that only this highest level of training and preparation is acceptable. 

          In addition, Ashburn Driving offers a personal approach to driver instruction.  Right from the first phone call which you're welcome to make to ask questions and gather information, our clients find that we take the time to find out each student's specific needs, experiences, and goals.  We talk about the student's history, anything that may impact his or her instruction, and how we can tailor the program to the student so that there is success.  Our approach is entirely different, entirely personal--we believe that the responsibilities of driver instruction warrant this level of attention.  The DMV process is clear: students must be taught about driving from a classroom standpoint, then they must become familiar with the vehicle and the road while practicing with their parents, and finally, they must be instructed, not simply assessed nor provided with a tour, while behind the wheel of a vehicle.  It's this specific instruction that Mr. Tulloch takes pride in providing thoroughly to his students. 

          Another one of our hallmarks is that we meet or exceed DMV standards, and this means that there’s a tremendous amount of time spent with each student.    We provide a minimum of 100 miles driven per lesson; other schools often provide 50 or less.  We go into parking lots to teach parallel parking, evasive maneuvers, emergency situations.  We go to rutted roads to teach off-road recovery.  We use a route with cones to teach steering and maneuvering.  We also maintain our vehicle according to DMV standards, and this means almost constant mechanical upgrades and repairs in addition to the constant need for fuel and regular maintenance.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and these are renewed each year with the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

          Mrs. Tulloch also meets in person with our students and at least one of their parents before the process begins because we believe that parents should know to whom they are entrusting their young adults and that the young adults should know with whom they will be spending this significant a number of hours.  In addition, we offer one of the few opportunities anywhere for parents and students to obtain a complete, succinct, and understandable description of the DMV process for licensing. 

          At the completion of the process, Mr. Tulloch himself takes the time to meet with the student and at least one of his/her parents to provide an overview of the student's course and offer specific final pointers for the student to be aware of as he/she takes on the full responsibility of the road. 

          In all, we provide a highly specialized learning experience through Mr. Tulloch’s standardized method of instruction, with the goal of imparting the fullest degree of knowledge and the sharpest skills to every student he teaches.  While we realize that our client parents and students are making an investment in their time and resources, we believe there are few better investments to make in the lives of our young men and women than to provide them with a solid and serious preparation for operating a vehicle and for navigating the roads—giving them skills which they will surely be using every day for the rest of their active lives.  



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