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Ashburn Driving School offers a full complement
of behind-the-wheel instruction services, including:

     -   Behind-the-wheel driver education with road test

and DMV licensing for students age 16 - 18

     -    Individual behind-the-wheel lessons for students age 16 - 18

who are not yet ready to begin their formal behind-the-wheel program

     -   Individual behind-the-wheel lessons with preparation

for DMV road test for students age 18 and over

     -   Individual lessons as extra practice for already-licensed teens and adults

     -   Individual lessons as driver refreshment for older adults and senior citizens

     -   Individual lessons for those new to the DC area

and unfamiliar with local roads, signage, and traffic patterns.

Ages 16.3 - 18

Seven-session behind-the-wheel driving course with

no more than two students in the vehicle at any time, two-hour lesson with pick up and drop off at home or school, to include a minimum of 50 minutes of behind-the-wheel driving plus 50 minutes of observation, DMV-regulated road test,

and upon successful completion of road test, processing and submission of paperwork to DMV, and DMV licensing.  This also includes an in-home parent/student introductory and scheduling meeting to begin,

and a second in-home parent/student review and licensing meeting

to finalize the process.
    Ages 18 and over

Individual one-hour behind-the-wheel driving lessons 
         with preparation for Virginia DMV road test

    Ages 15.6 and over

Individual one-hour lessons

for students who require practice and instruction before beginning

their behind-the-wheel course; these individual lessons

may be added to the student's 45-hour driving log. 

 Office Hours
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

7am - 8pm

Instruction Hours
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

6am - 9pm 

After my seven sessions of professional instruction I

felt confident enough in my driving abilities

to take and pass the road test. --G.S., Ashburn